How We Do It

  1. Needs Analysis

    Using analytical methods, we discuss with our clients and collect the relevant data in order to establish our client's real needs as well as to define the project goal and limitations.
  2. Signing the Collaboration Agreement

    Signing this agreement is a ceremony and a statement to the beginning of a collaboration, in which we build a bridge of mutual trust between our client and our team.
  3. Presentation

    In this step, we'll propose initial designs and simulations according to the outcome of the needs analysis conducted in step 1.
  4. Signing the Legal Contract

    By signing the legal contract, we establish project details such as budget, schedule, and responsibilities of both parties and the expected outcome.
  5. Designs and Planning

    In this step, we start the design research, and go through the design details. This process includes everything from case studies, focused user analysis, brainstorming sketches and storyboards, to development and simulations.
  6. Implementation

    According to the design drawings, we implement software, hardware, and architecture systematically and integratedly.
  7. Testing

    After completing design and implementation, we spend quite some time on fine-tuning the design, feasibility testing, as well as usability evaluation in order to ensure that the best performance can be achieved within the limited project duration.
  8. Installation

    Our engineering crew will finalize the system and install it on the spot, making sure that everything is working harmonically.
  9. Maintenance

    After finishing the project, we'll offer training courses and consultancy for our clients and continue maintenance on a regular basis.